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Post Full Size Photos to Instagram Without Cropping! Features: -Square-fits all those rectangular or portrait images to post them perfectly on Instagram without cropping. -Uses……了解详情 »

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Reverse Image Search

Instead of using keywords to search for anything related to the keywords; use image to find more related contents (more sizes, original source, yada yada) to the image. It accepts ……了解详情 »

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Apple Logo Wallpapers

With Apple Logo Wallpapers you’ll have over 350 Apple logos to choose from. The shortcut will automatically generate the wallpaper in the required size. ……了解详情 »

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Wallpaper HD

Wallpaper HD™ is just a simple random wallpaper generator providing you with beautiful images from Unsplash and auto detecting your device so that the image will always fit the scr……了解详情 »

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Everything a Photographer needs in a Shortcut. In this Shortcut you will have most of what you need for successfully planning your Photographic trips as follows: Maps Alarm cl……了解详情 »

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