Start Meeting

Automate your meetings. Notes in Bear, tasks in Things or Reminders.Start Meeting is a shortcut to automate your meeting workflow.Simply start the shortcut when you’re be……了解详情 »

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Calendar to Timeline

Will convert a calendar into a nice timeline graphic.Select a calendar and will produce a graphical timeline for events, something you print out, pin up, make a pdf, email etc.Even……了解详情 »

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Google Translate

Works seamlessly without showing the user a webpage * Translate any text into your favourite languages! * This Shortcut can be called from another Shortcut and will return the tran……了解详情 »

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Network tool

Show information about Wi-Fi (name, internal and external IP) – Do a speed test ( in integrated window) – Test ping ( – Advanced information lookup (name, IP num……了解详情 »

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